Lock ReKeying



Change Your Keys Without Changing The Locks

      Did you know

that you can change the keys

that operate the locks in your home, 

without having to incur the cost

of purchasing new locks? 

          Lock Re-Keying is fast,

easy and can be done

in our fully equipped service vans

or in our shop by our trained locksmiths

at a time that is convenient for you.


      So how does it work?

We change the pins inside your lock

to work with an entirely new key.

Or, we can even make the key

from any other door or doors

operate any lock or locks!

It’s entirely up to you!


      Each average lock

consists of 5-6 internal pins

that vary in size. 

The correct size pins, in the correct order

correspond with the cuts on your keys.

When you have the right set of pins

and the right cuts on the key,

the key will turn in the lock

and allow you to enter.


When just one pin is changed,

the key will no longer work. 

     We take it a few steps further

and always change ALL the pins!

This ensures that the old key

will no longer work

and the new keys we provide you will.

It’s far less expensive

than buying new locks

and should be considered a priority,

when your move into a new home.


     Don’t forget to ask our locksmiths

about re keying every lock “alike”

(using the same key for all locks), for you as well.

Why carry around multiple keys for multiple doors

when you can have one for all locks?

     Have us key them all alike and carry one key

that works on everything at no extra charge!


And, if you are feeling up to the task and to save money,

take the locks off yourself and bring them to our shop.

We’ll Re-Key them for you, while you wait!


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